5 simple steps to be healthy


Contact with you and order tickets and hotel

First of all, you leave an application after which our specialists will contact you. You will send a X-ray of the jaw and our dentist will makes a diagnosis. We specify all the dental and non-dental services that you want to receive, we select the best options of hotels and tickets, we estimate the approximate price and expect your consent(payment only after receiving services), then order tickets and hotel, there are two options:

1. We dispose of all the forces to pay you and you pay for yourself and receive tickets;

2. You pay money to us on Paypal and we do everything for you, then we will dispose of you all tickets;


Meeting in the airport and drive to hotel

We are waiting for you at the airport and go to the hotel, we exchange the money for the various needs and sign all documents at the hotel and give you time to relax, when you rested you can contact us and we can go to walk in Kiev or somewhere to dine


Treat you teeth

At the specified time, we go to the clinic, where all procedures will be carried out, after which payment is made. You can spend an entertaining program on that day (if you like), but it will be better if you will rest.


Entertainment program

We make an entertainment program based on your wishes during the conversation. During your stay in Kiev, your favorite rock band or an interesting show may take place, we will all take it into consideration, it is obligatory to have a tour of Kiev and an assessment of the local cuisine. We will leave only good memories of Kyiv


Come home

We will go with you to airport and will wait your flight. Only after your landing on airplane we can be calm.

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